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Our Traceable Theft Protection Warranty is available for both our (INVISIBLE) Body Marking Label Program and (PERMANENT) Glass Etch Stencil Program.



In the event that a vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or in the event that it is recovered but declared to be a total loss, you will become eligible for the following:


  1. A cash benefit is used towards the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle, to cover deductible, or to apply towards any other expenses that may be encountered.

  2. Down payment Assistance- when customer returns to selling dealership, an additional benefit will be paid to the dealership towards the down payment on a replacement vehicle.

Plan Benefits

Vehicle Protection Expenses

Dealer Replacement Benefit

Partial Loss Benefit


Plan Options

Plan B          Plan C

1,500           3,000

1,000           2,000

1,000           1,000

__Yr  __3 Yr  __5 Yr 

__ 3Yr  __5 Yr  __ Yr

In the event  that a vehicle is stolen and recovered damaged (but not totaled) customer will be eligible for reimbursement of up to $1,000 to pay primary insurance deductible.

In either event, customer is eligible for rental reimbursement expenses of up to $25.00 per day for 10 days.

CALL FOR DETAILS 1-800-574-4155

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