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  Peace-of Mind 

Protect Your Investment


Over a million vehicles are stolen every year in the United States-one every 20 seconds. Most are never recovered or are recovered with extensive damage. Since you probably carry a significant deductible on your insurance policy, auto theft can result in substantial out of pocket expenses.


Many insurance companies offer discounts for a vehicle that is secured with a Traceable Theft Protection Package.

Plan Benefits                       Plan Options

                                                              Plan B         Plan C

Vehicle Protection Expenses          1500.00       3000.00


Dealer Replacement Benefit            1000.00      2000.00


Partial Loss Benefit                           1000.00      1000.00



For a Theft Deterrent KIT explaining the Peace-Of-Mind-Protection, please call 1-800-574-4155. There is no obligation and no charge.




Includes 6-part invisible Body marking labels, two window warning stickers


Includes Warranty, 6-part invisible body marking labels, two window warning stickers and instructional DVD

*Plus Tax and Shipping Charges

Call 1-800-574-4155  (No Obligation)

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